Top 5 Reasons Gas Golf Carts Rule on an Island

On Key West, Gas Golf Carts are a real hit with visitors who want to zip around the island the fun way. Fast, stable, comfortable, and well-adapted to the island’s tight spaces, a Key West gas golf cart rental is your perfect vacation transportation solution.

Around Key West, scooters, bikes, skateboards, and a variety of island-cruising buggies own the streets. Forget the mainland commuter crates and lumbering SUVs – on tropical islands in general, smaller is better, fuel economy is king, island-breeze open air is a must, and fun style is the way to roll. Now there is a new ride in town that checks all the boxes – the gas golf cart – and these bad boys are not just for putting around the green. More like a hybrid of a quad ATV and a high-end club car, gas golf carts like the ones from Pirate Scooter Rentals Key West are powerful, stylish, safe, and quick. Here are 5 reasons why a gas golf cart is your top choice in island transport:

1. They’re The Perfect Size

Like the ubiquitous Key West scooter, a gas golf cart is scaled to fit on an island. Also like a scooter, a gas golf cart can weave through traffic, handle narrow roadways with ease, park in the tightest places, and run all day on a couple bucks worth of gas. Unlike a scooter, a gas golf cart can do all this while carrying up to 6 people and maybe a cooler, picnic basket, or bunch of shopping bags.

2. Key West Golf Carts are Rugged & Fun to Drive

Today’s gas golf carts have left the course behind to become legitimate vehicles that can run legally on Key West roads. Tough, stable, powered by 401 cc, 4-cycle, low-emission 13-horsepower engines and sitting on 23-inch all terrain tires, these machines are more than up to handling all your island transportation needs.

3. Gas Golf Carts are a Safe way to See Key West

A gas golf cart is safe enough for the family and comfortable enough for those who may be a little beyond the scooter stage of life. Padded seating, leaf spring/hydraulic shock suspension, plenty of leg room, wide-open views, cup holders, and shade from the sun are all standard features.

4. Gas Golf Carts are Easy To Drive

These carts are easy to drive. A fully automatic transmission, rack and pinion steering, and drum brakes make for responsive handling. The quiet, economical engine is worry free and ready with sure power on demand.

5. Key West Gas Golf Carts are Totally Awesome

A Key West gas golf cart rental will pay for itself in just plain fun. The breezy open-air ride surrounds you with the sights, sounds, and fragrances of paradise and the cart’s golfing roots show in the ease with which all passengers can step on and off in seconds to see the sights. Even though it rolls on 4 wheels and has a windshield, a gas golf cart projects a sense of freedom and fun times that a car just can’t match.

See for yourself why gas golf carts rule island transport with a Key West gas golf cart rental. Free customer pickup throughout Key West will get you on the road in minutes, and complementary gas and oil refills will keep you rolling in a gas golf cart from Pirate Scooter Rentals Key West.