Key West Moped Rentals

Discover all the beauty and charm of Key West and set your own touring schedule with a Key West Scooter Rental from Pirate Scooter Rentals. A fun, economical scooter rental in Key West lets you get around like an island local and adds a dash of excitement to your Key West vacation.

Scooter Pricing

Short Term 3 hours — $35
Short Term 6 hours — $40
One Day Rental 24 hours — $50
Discounted Additional Days — $25

Short Term 3 hours — $50
Short Term 6 hours —$60
One Day Rental 24 hours — $80
Discounted Additional Days — $50

Key West Scooter Rentals

Why rent scooters in Key West? Conchs, as Key Westers are called, use scooters to zip around because a scooter can move as quickly as a car while easily handling narrow streets and making the most of limited parking. A Key West rental scooter puts any destination on the island within convenient reach. You can make the most of the tropical weather, enjoy the sights and sounds of island life close up, and turn any trip into a little thrill with a scooter from Pirate Scooter Rentals.

Renting Scooters in Key West

Key West is very busy for a small city, and you are going to be on the go a lot during your Key West visit. Fortunately, Key West is also ideally suited for getting around via alternative means of transportation. You will quickly see that locals prefer scooters, golf carts, bikes, and even skateboards over trying to fight the traffic, especially in the tight neighborhoods of Old Town.

When in paradise, why not do as the Conchs do – Rent a scooter in Key West and buzz around the island on two wheels enjoying the fresh tropical breeze, the lovely foliage, and the exciting street life. Head for Pirate Scooter Rentals and we will set you up to ride cool and comfortable, with wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Enjoy Great Customer Service

Pirate Scooter Rentals is proud to provide the best in Key West scooter rentals, and we have a great selection of top-of-the-line Key West rental scooters. At Pirate Scooter Rentals, we replace our scooter fleet annually, so our Key West rental scooters are always well-maintained and ready for easy, safe Key West scooter riding adventures.

We also offer gas golf carts and bicycles at our convenient location just a half block off Duval Street, at 401 Southard Street right across from the world-famous Green Parrot Bar. And with Pirate Scooter Rentals Key West, you will enjoy excellent customer service including free hotel pickup, complimentary gas and oil refills, and friendly instruction for new riders.

Pirate Scooter Rentals is the only way to go when you want to experience the freedom, fun, and excitement of exploring Key West by scooter. To rent a scooter in Key West, call us at (305) 563-6324, use our secure Online Booking system, or drop by and see us at 401 Southard Street in Old Town Key West.

Good to Know

  • Located half a block off Duval Street
  • Free Customer Pickup
  • New Single or Double Scooters
  • Fully Automatic
  • Free Instructions
  • Best Rates!
  • Discounts on Long-Term Rentals
  • Friendly Staff